In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Smell You Later.”

The scent of lavender brings me immediate feelings of peace, inspiration, motivation, and love. It is quite a strong scent and thus is so powerful at healing the mind and body.

I smell lavender and I think of yoga – slow, peaceful, deeply meditative yoga. I think of sitting in a quiet room that is empty, sun pouring in a large window. Wind wafts through the panes and across my skin, and I feel a sense of stillness and relaxation that I can only find on my own. Lavender reminds me that things are okay and I will be okay, that life is beautiful and amazing, and that there’s no point to not feel good and full of love.

I smell lavender and I experience Peace.


Religion vs Spirituality

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “180 Degrees.”

When I read this prompt, I immediately thought of religion. I have a feeling that a lot of people have done 180s when it comes to religion or spirituality. I think it’s a very complex topic that takes a lot of soul-searching and thought, and I think very few people ever come to a definite answer of where they stand.

My family has never been a “religious” family. I have never gone to church, we never prayed, etc, but my parents did teach us about a “God”, something up there that was all-powerful. So, I kind of grew up not really questioning it but just assuming there was something up there.

In my teen years, I learned about Christianity and I think that I needed it at that point in my life. I was struggling with anxiety and depression, and having a loving, perfect being to always talk to and take comfort from was really appealing to me. I began to consider myself a Christian and went to Christian events, etc.

Once I hit nineteen or so, I fell away from the Christianity bubble. I was learning more and more about Christian history plus problems that are going on today with all forms of religion.

Now, I would definitely say that I am a spiritual person but not a religious person. I feel that religion is a man-made concept that is full of rules and laws that exclude certain types of people. I definitely believe that there is a spiritual force that governs our lives, that we are all connected through this force, and that there must be a higher power. But that is all. I would never say I am a Christian or any other religion. I don’t feel I need to have the answer right now – about knowing exactly what or who is up there or what will happen after death. And I think that is okay.