Taste & Sight

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Super Sensitive.”

Imagine … a life where you couldn’t TASTE anything, but you could SEE super well. Yeah, I would give up the sense of taste if I had to choose one. Only because I’m super terrified to lose the other senses – especially sight and hearing. But if I could somehow give up my taste … in order to gain super-awesome sight … that might be interesting.

I definitely rely on my vision the most of all senses. To even imagine having to live without any sight terrifies me. It is so important to me. So, to be able to have super-awesome sight would be pretty great and I think I would use it quite well.

And, who knows, maybe giving up my taste would just force me to eat healthier!



In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Truth or Dare.”

I would like to say that honesty is always the best option, but who knows? I try to live my life as honestly and peacefully as I can. I try to only say what I mean and to tell the truth in all things, but it can get difficult.

Sometimes people want to be lied to, but I tend to see that as a way of suppressing things and thus not healthy. But who am I to say what works for everyone else.

I guess all I can say is that I will continue to try to live my life as honestly as I can, and we`ll see what happens.


Bars and Me

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Fill In the┬áBlank.”

Three people walk into a bar, then two more, and then four more. People keep piling in through the bar doors while only a handful trickle out. I stand there and watch them and wonder what the appeal is. I have never been in a bar … and I’ve honestly never had the desire to. I went to a pub once which was alright, but it was basically a restaurant experience except with beer.

Instead of going in, I always turn and leave. I go home, crawl into bed with my kitty and boyfriend, and watch awesome tv shows or movies. I get obsessive over movies and shows so it’s always a fun time for me to watch. I don’t even regret missing out on this “essential experience” as it doesn’t feel very essential to me.

What is it that pushes me away from bars? I think there are a lot of reasons … but I think it mostly fits into two reasons: 1. I don’t like being around crowds of people as I get very panicky and 2. I don’t like being around people who are under the influence of something. That may make it seem like I am some stuck up or terrified innocent, but truly it’s just about preference. Would I rather surround myself with people who are drinking or would I rather lie in bed with only my boyfriend and cat? That’s a pretty easy question.

A bit about me …

Hello. Welcome everyone and anyone who would ever decide to read the first post of some random blog. I am here because I love to write and imagine and create. I need something to look forward to every day, something to do, and something to read and look back on one day in the future. Thus, this blog is for my past, present, and future.

It’s always a bit awkward trying to start a new blog and I’m not sure how to get past it gracefully, so I guess I will just tell you a tiny bit about me.

I am 23 years old. I live in Canada with my boyfriend and my cat. I just graduated university with my Bachelors in Psychology. I work in the mental health field. I am passionate about wellness, yoga, mental health, and all things psychology. But that’s all just one side of me. On the other side, I love being creative, writing, reading, listening to music, watching movies and tv shows, critiquing everything I see. I have a Minor in English which is my attempt at following that part of myself that wants to just remove myself from all of society, hole up in some random cabin in a forest, and just write all day every day.

Lately my life feels like it revolves around mental health (which it truly does). Sometimes, like right now, I want to be able to disconnect and just write whatever I feel like or read whatever I come across.

I am not entirely sure what will come of this blog, but I think that’s okay. This time, I’m just going to go with the flow and “wing it”. We will see what happens.