Me as a Parent

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Childhood Revisited.”

I feel like every person, once grown up, sees things that they wish would have been different in their childhood. No parent is perfect and no childhood is perfect, and so there are always going to be negative events or harmful situations. It’s life.

Now that I’m a bit older and past my adolescence, I have realised that I had a pretty good childhood. In my teen years, I was pretty tormented and angry. I wished that my parents would listen to me. I felt isolated, not listened to, and just really sad all the time. I didn’t understand why and my parents acted like I was either making it up, exaggerating, or just “being a teen”. Now that I am past the situation and understand a bit more about life, I realise that I was dealing with depression as a teen. My parents, though, did not understand that and continuously pushed me and my problems under the rug.

I also know now that my parents were going through their own things at the time, and just because they were adults, they didn’t have all the answers. I think I expected them to know everything and to understand everything, but of course they didn’t.

I think if I ever have kids, I would want them to know that I don’t have all the answers but I will always be there to support and care for them. I want to be open and honest with them, and take all of their concerns seriously as well. I want to have open communication with them about everything, and not make certain things forbidden or “wrong” to talk about. I hope I remember that they are individuals as well with their own beliefs, opinions, and traits, and I hope that I always respect that.


2 thoughts on “Me as a Parent

  1. I completely agree with your post on how you will make sure that your children are comfortable as there may be many things a child wishes to express but may just fear them instead.

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