Internet Privacy (or lack of)

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Do Not Disturb.”

I actually think a lot about online privacy. I would say I am a bit paranoid about people gathering specific information about me that I don’t want to be public. I would say I am a pretty private person, but when it comes to opinions is when I’m a bit more open. That’s why I like to blog about my thoughts and opinions, but I feel very uncomfortable writing about very personal things like my name, where I live, what school I go to, what job I have, etc.

I try to keep anything I put on the internet as non-specific and general. Any identifying information I like to keep to myself. I only want to share my thoughts and feelings and opinions. I find it very difficult to keep myself private online. I feel like every app and site we go on nowadays is somehow accessing our private information without our permission. That really frustrates me and I try my hardest to keep my information out of these people’s (or computer’s) hands. Anything/anyone that takes my information without my explicit permission, I do not trust.

The internet is so wonderful in allowing us access to information and the ability to spread ideas, but it definitely has its downfalls and lack of privacy is definitely a big downfall of the internet.


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